I Love Garbage Trucks

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I Love Garbage Trucks

I Love Garbage Trucks

By: Patty Domas Fusco


About the Book

I Love Garbage Trucks is based on Patty Domas Fusco’s grandson, Ricky, who loves garbage trucks. He would run to closest door or window to watch every move they made.


About the Author

Author Patty Domas Fusco resides in Arizona and is the owner/broker of Fusco Realty. She has nine grandchildren, which started her love of children’s books. Her stories are based on family members and their unique personalities. Growing up in a rural area in northern Illinois has given the author a wild imagination of her own.


(2020, Paperback, 34 Pages)


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I just read I Love Garbage Trucks by Patty Domas Fusco.  I was attracted to the title because having raised a boy, I remember fondly his fascination with all things “TRUCKS.” As I read through the story, I thought that it was perfect for the same age group that loves trucks: ages 3-5. The vocabulary and sentence structure are simple enough for young minds to understand.  The illustrations match the parts of the story that are on that page.  I love that Ricky, the small boy, knows the garbageman by name and visa versa.  The book ends perfectly with six pages of blackline illustrations from the story for children to color on their own.  Since pre-school children benefit from practicing eye-hand coordination and form reviewing the story in a different form, it is a brilliant additional feature.  I certainly hope that the book is available in stores as well as online since young ones will be attracted to the cover and will want to touch and handle the book, prompting parents to see its value.


Debbie LeBlanc