I Love You So Much, but God Loves You the Most!

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I Love You So Much, but God Loves You the Most!

I Love You So Much, but God Loves You the Most!

By: Abigail George

About the Book

This book was written after Abigail George became a mother, with the realization that many children’s books were written to be read to a healthy child by a parent. From her experience volunteering and over ten years working in child protection, George was very aware that this is not always the case. The book was started out of her desire for something that could be read by anyone who has a child in their life that they love, allowing adults to speak value, purpose, and hope into the life of any child. The title was inspired by the wisdom of the author’s late mother, who taught her that God was the person she should depend on more than anyone else. This allowed God to be the source of her strength in a challenging five-year period where she dealt with her mother’s sudden passing, the breakdown of her marriage, breast cancer treatment, and an autism diagnosis for her youngest child. While thankful for the support of her church, family, and friends throughout that time, it was her relationship with God, and the assurance of His love, that carried her through.


About the Author

Author Abigail George is a single mother of two who still lives where she grew up, in South West Sydney. She loves music, writing, spending time with family and friends, and is heavily involved in serving at her church. Her childhood was a memorable one. Realizing that not everyone had the same positive experience she did, she began to volunteer every opportunity she could. From youth camps in Australia and New Zealand to serving disadvantaged communities in downtown L.A. to teaching sidewalk Sunday school to children in East New York to serving on mission teams in Uganda, George has been motivated by her desire to show the love of Christ.


(2019, Paperback, 30 pages)

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