I See Him

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I See Him
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I See Him
by Emerald

I See Him is a must read for us all. It is about how we will continue to see our loved ones and keep them alive in our own lives.

As a young parent, Emerald had to learn along the way. She had to hope for the best answers to every situation that came her way as she tried with all her heart to be a good example to three very special children. These three different people depended on her for direction and love. Timothy was the youngest and the longest one in need of her attention. His road of life becomes very bumpy and hard. It became so hard that his Father Above decided Tim had had enough.

Feeling Timothys strong presence is the one thing that will get Emerald through. As you read, you will find out more about what has helped Emerald and helped heal her broken heart.

If change is needed in your life, do it now. Try hard, keep your faith strong, and may your works be blessed.

(2016, Paperback, 32 pages)