I Want to Be a Whale Doctor

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I Want to Be a Whale Doctor

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I Want to Be a Whale Doctor
by James Masterson

The inspiration for this book came from my granddaughter, Maggie. She is a kind and gentle person who truly cares about all living creatures; even spiders are gently captured in her house and released outside. While vacationing at Cape Cod in Massachusetts, she heard that a whale had been injured by a boat. She promptly announced she wanted to be a whale doctor so she could help whales get better. She provided many of the ideas on how an eight-year-old would medically examine a whale. She has an active imagination!

I am a retired former executive with an international insurance company with plenty of experience writing dull business articles. This is my first foray into writing a booksomething I had always wanted to do. Reading books with my children and grandchildren was always a wonderful shared experience. Writing a slightly fictionalized book that is hopefully informative, interesting, and amusing to young children was even more fun. I hope the book gives children an appreciation for these wonderful animals that live in our oceans.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)