I Will Never Leave Thee (Nor Forsake Thee)

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I Will Never Leave Thee (Nor Forsake Thee)

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I Will Never Leave Thee (Nor Forsake Thee)
by Ty Abimbola-Sodipe

She should not have anything my father gave her

Rade Alase takes her mothers wedding ring and leaves home. Her parents indirectly force her to quit school and become a vagabond. Her father, Rau, is a womanzier but loves Rade deeply. Her mother is an uncaring mother to her children.

At reformatory school, Rade makes friends with her roommate, Demi, who tells her of her secret child, Kike, who would become Rades child in the future; Demi dies in a ghastly accident from visiting Rade with her husband, but Kike survives.

Rade Alases inner strength is in the corporarte reformation of progressive Africa for the conconnance action of equality and education to endow the continent to accomplish. This book is fiction, but in totality, Africans must aggresively adhere to conscious collaboration of the success of the continentthat is, being conscientiously aware with quick inclusion and digression of its female acceptance in its totality. This book is, most importantly, a must-read for hope, faith, and persostence in Gods love.

About the Author

I was sleeping one night when a voice woke me up and said, Write! Write! Write! I did not create you to fail! I led you this far! I did not create you to be a failure! I did not question the voice. Within a few months, I had written over four hundred pages. Then the voice came again and said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, and I said, Yes, Lord. That is the title.

My favorite prayer books to read are Companion Prayers, Our Daily Bread, and A Pocket Companion, sent by my niece. I invite you to call him always. He is good, and you will thank him always, like I do. Thank him!

(2011, paperback, 238 pages)

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