Identifying the Power of Purpose!

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Identifying the Power of Purpose!

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Identifying the Power of Purpose!
by Robert Lee

The words of this book are inspired and a direct result of my desire to guide, instruct, and direct my students. My passion is not only to see my students succeed academically, but more importantly to empower students to succeed in life. I read somewhere that Martin Luther King Jr. said, Intelligence and character are the goals of true education. In order to live successfully, we must have a sense of purpose in regards to our life and the specific actions we take on a daily basis. We are all students in the University of Life. This book is written for the sole purpose of providing clarity to life as it relates to ones purpose. It is a tool to be used to help one simplify and identify his or her lifes purpose. This book is unique due to the fact that it addresses the specific nature of purpose as it relates to each individual. It takes you on a journey to understand the broad and basic truths that govern humanity while focusing on the unique nature of purpose thats specific and different for every individual. Lets go on a journey to discover the personal power of purpose!

About the Author

My name is Robert Lee. I am a New York City public school educator. I received my masters in reading at the State University of New York at Albany. My lifes purpose and calling is to empower humanity through the use of the written and spoken word. My other interests are in the areas of poetry, songwriting, and musical production. It is my firm belief that creativity is a God-given gift. I have dedicated my life to serving humanity through the use of these gifts.

(2008, paperback, 52 pages)