If I Was

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If I Was

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If I Was
by Geraldine Jefferson

Welcome to the world of Isaiah, a very smart and imaginative four year old. In Isaiahs world, he always finds the solution to lifes everyday problems. Sometimes his solutions are funny, but they are always helpful. So, come read about Isaiah and his world, and discover his answers to lifes problems. Who knows? You might just find that you have some solutions of your own.

About the Author

Geraldine Jefferson was born in a small town named Vance in South Carolina. She is the second oldest of four children to her parents, the late George Jefferson and Viola Jefferson. Just like Isaiah, the authors imagination is fathomless. She credits her talent as a blessing from God. A natural writer, she not only writes children stories, but she has also written numerous poems and plays for her church. She currently has two other books in progress: another childrens book and a novel. Though this is her first published book, it will not be her lasther imagination will not let it be.

(2011, paperback, 40 pages)