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by Charles Nwoko IKONNA is a novel based on a true story. A young girl searching for her half brother suddenly disappears from under the watchful eyes of her parents. She meets an Irish Catholic priest who shares her dreams. United by the same passion, the girl and the priest seek to free an eleven-year-old orphan from the claws of his ancestors. IKONNA is a delightful, ironic piece of creative writing, inspired by love for a mother. It tells about the jealousies, the intrigues, and the hatreds in a peoples culture. It vividly reveals how women are often the victims of mens struggle for power and inheritance. IKONNA is a book of fantasy, written in lucid and down-to-earth style, rich in imagination, and immensely entertaining. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles N. Nwoko was born in Mbaise in the eastern part of Nigeria the first child of six to the late Simeon and Fidelia. He had both his elementary and secondary education in the village. He received a masters degree in mechanical engineering in 1986 and a post-graduate degree in international law in 1999 from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. In July 1986, he married Ngozi Magdaleen Iwuji, a school teacher. They have four children, Nnenna Chioma Eze, Ogadinma, and Charles Junior. (2005, paperback, 266 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.