I Love GOD and HE Loves Me

I Love GOD and HE Loves Me
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I Love GOD and HE Loves Me
by Michell B. Butler and Illustrated by Daphne “Sky” Bailey

I Love GOD and HE Loves Me is a must have for a parent teaching their child about God. It is a rhythmic book that teaches about God and His love in a practical, whimsical way. It is a great introduction that will surely intrigue your child to want to learn more about God and Christ.

The teaching of this book can help your child establish a solid foundation in God and provide some tools to understand where their “true” identity and strength comes from. This story is written and illustrated from an aspect of complete adoration for God with the hopes of igniting the flame within your child to want to know and dedicate their lives to God.

About the Author:

Michell B. Butler has dedicated her entire life to the pursuit of God. In this pursuit she has served as an assistant youth pastor, a College Professor, and a creator of a non-profit organization where she mentored girls ranging eight to eighteen years of age. She is passionate about teaching girls and women, and is especially passionate that they know who they are in Christ.

Michell began writing in her youth and has several bodies of works from plays to short stories to bring to the world. I Love GOD and HE Loves Me is her first published children’s book. Michell is a Clinical Pharmacist by day, but an avid writer, reader, decorator/designer, traveler, and cook in her downtime. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her many friends.

(2016, Hardcover, 30 pages)


I Love GOD and HE Loves Me (e-book)
I Love GOD and HE Loves Me (e-book)

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