I'm Feeling Something: Volume I

I'm Feeling Something: Volume I
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I'm Feeling Something: Volume I. Book Series for Children with Pictures by Laura Ann Frable

by Dianne Gallant O’Hogan

Dianne Gallant O’Hogan was born in the mountains of Virginia and raised in an Irish family, the O’Hogans. Many of her family members still reside in Lynchburg and are quite proud of their Irish heritage. Dianne’s mother’s family, the Bosangs, were of German aristocratic descent, and she was subject to live in a world of aristocracy in the summer months. For the remainder of the year, she gleaned much from the strong Irish work ethic and love of music and play at the elbows of her father’s family.

Dianne’s prayer is that the I’m Feeling Something book series will glorify our God. May her work bring you much joy!

(2008, paperback, 50 pages)


I'm Feeling Something (e-book)
I'm Feeling Something (e-book)

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