Impact 2033: The Second Coming

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Impact 2033: The Second Coming

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Impact 2033: The Second Coming
by Shirley Dawn Shooter

Set in the future prior to the coming of Christ, Impact 2033: The Second Coming is inspired by many signs taking place in the world today. There are signs such as an impending cashless society; a tear in the ozone later at the South and North poles, which is rolling up like a scroll; intense heat from the sun, burning mankind, causing sores (skin cancer), melting ice caps, causing the sinking of islands and earthquakes in the sea, and causing tsunami waves; and destroying coastlands. Erratic weather, changing seasons, trees and shrubs bearing fruit several times a year, wars and rumors of wars, and kingdoms against kingdomsthese were all prophesied by Jesus.

About the Author

Australian born and bred, Shirley Dawn Shooter received a meager education, leaving primary school in eighth grade at the tender age of thirteen, her main education derived from absorbed knowledge from her habit of reading both fiction and nonfiction works based on many topics. Her main sources, however, were the Bible in all of the many varied versions and other religious books. Her questioning mind developed a love of writing. Her first fiction novel, Born of Lust, published by Red Lead Press, intends to give the reader her PROEM as a writer.

(2009, paperback, 174 pages)