Impeachment for Dummies (Breakfasts with Maxie & Jerry)

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Impeachment for Dummies (Breakfasts with Maxie & Jerry)

Impeachment for Dummies (Breakfasts with Maxie & Jerry)

By: Anonymous “Pops”


About the Book

Little did Maxie and Jerry suspect that our country would become engaged in a war against an invisible enemy called coronavirus, an insidious flu-like disease which descended upon us following their last breakfast together – neither did “Pops.” – It's an enemy that stealthily attacks our society and is destined to negatively impact our lives for generations to come. We will be engaged in the war versus COVID-19 for sometime, but will win this war with the help of medical science, improved treatment, and of vaccines ultimately to be discovered.

Maxie and Jerry did suspect that a hatred of our country's strong willed and business savvy President had replaced the common sense and unbiased reporting of a once trusted media - unfortunately, a majority of media now infected by the influence of self serving billionaire ownership and radical liberalist political and social agendas - so did "Pops" suspect. - He continues to write on behalf of millions of Americans who've trusted in God, a whole lot in themselves; and, in most of their past leaders regarding opportunity for all - hopefully applied in the spirit of fair play with respect for the "underdog."

Time again to trust in our country's leadership - in its proper response to the scientific advice given by those 'expert' in the management of the spread of COVID-19. Our President is carefully weighing the re-opening of our country's businesses so as to achieve balance between re-invigorating our economy and possible revival of the disease in our anxiety to get back to normal.

Move now to The Foreword. Understand how the negativity of the "haters" who dwell within the walls of political corruptness and journalistic pretense brought us to the point of a contrived "impeachment" now overshadowed by COVID-19 and rendered to historical worthlessness. - Remember well America, and work to get Maxie and Jerry back to their breakfasts!


(2020, Paperback, 112 Pages)


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