In Defiance of Enemies

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In Defiance of Enemies

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In Defiance of Enemies
by S.K. Jenkins

It is a cold December night when Roland and Danny find themselves running for their lives. The American Revolution has gripped the new and organizing states. A surprise attack erupts in the cover of darkness. The British army, led by General William Howe, raids the American outpost, where men are violently roused from their sleep. Roland and Danny are fortunate to escape, but under extreme pressure and fear, Danny has accidentally killed an ally whom he has mistaken for the enemy. The events that follow forever change Danny and threaten disclosure of a secret Roland has carried with him his entire life, one that Danny must never know.

In Defiance of Enemies tells a story of loyalty, trust, and determination. It is a story of two men and their pact to stand together against all odds.

About the Author

S. K. Jenkins is a musician and educator. She holds a bachelors degree in music education from Wright State University, a masters in the art of teaching from Marygrove College, and a master of divinity from Bethany Theological Seminary. S. K. Jenkins lives in Ohio with her husband, Christopher. She relishes the gift of spending time with her family. In the busyness of her life and occupations, she finds peaceful solace in research and writing.

(2010, paperback, 162 pages)