In Fields of Dreams I'd Like to Stay

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In Fields of Dreams I'd Like to Stay
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In Fields of Dreams Id Like to Stay
by Howard O. Foster

For half a century, life has brought to author and poet Howard O. Foster times of great joy and trying periods of great tribulation filled with dreams, nightmares, visions, and voices that, although he couldnt explain them, he kept a written journal about.

In 2003 he tried to end his life.

With the help of his sister Julie, who found him a new doctor, he got the help he needed to accept what life had given him. Dr. Cyma Khalily continues to treat and care for him to this day.

With the support of his family, his best friend Jeff Hellkamp and Jeffs entire family, his friends; also Rose Carrara, Clydene Spangler, and his mother, Ruth, he has now never been stuck on the staircase not knowing whether to go up or down. He is now able to go forward, even though at times its from minute to minute.

The end result is In Fields of Dreams Id Like to Stay, a collection of poetry and dreams. We all have hopes and fears, dreams as well as nightmares, and questions of why.

Hopefully, the end result will bring the reader of these words a better understanding of the faith, love, and peace that we can all obtain by taking one day at a time and being the best we can to ourselves, each other and our Creator.

Howard lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was born and raised. He enjoys time with his grandchildren, helping others, and the beauty of flowers and the joy of giving them to others.

(2016, Hardcover, 62 pages)