In My Imagination

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9586-2
In My Imagination
by Mary Jane Hartman Holzer In Randys Dragon, Randy wakes on a cold December day to find, much to his delight, a heavy snow has fallen. As he hurries to get dressed and run outside to be the first to put his footprints in it, he can only find one shoe. His mother is sure she saw the shoe under his bed last night. Oh no, thinks Randy. Why? Because the large dragon who lives under his bed will never give it back. But maybe if he asks very nicely. In The Princess and the Magic Crayons, Cassandra opens gift from her Father and sees only a single box of ordinary crayons. Or so she thinks... Once in her room, Cassandra draws a picture of the ocean, and the room quickly fills with icy water. Cassandra decides to make someone she can share her adventure with, so with the strokes of her crayons she slowly creates the cutest little girl. Karasan will be her name, and the two of them will be best friendsforever! ABOUT THE AUTHOR A thirty-nine-year-old widow with four wonderful children, Mary Jane Hartman Holzer believes the greatest gift of all was having a chance to grow up with them. She owes a lot to Ashley, Nicole, Randy, and Danielle; its the way they laugh together, play together, and love together. Their innocence helped her find the imagination that inspired the characters within these pages. (2004, paperback, 116 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.