In Pursuit of a Dream

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In Pursuit of a Dream

In Pursuit of a Dream

By: Dennis Doane


About the Book

In Pursuit of A Dream tells the tale of a former young Texas Ranger, Monty Lane. Monty Lane has always had a dream to have his own horse ranch, and he finally has a plan. Dangerous? Oh, yes! But it is the only way he knows how to achieve his dream. You see, beyond his dream of raising the finest horses in the country, he wants to marry the prettiest girl in the county, Beth Hase, who owns a very profitable cattle ranch. And to keep folks from saying “He married her for her money,” Monty wants to wait until he has enough money all on his own. Unbeknownst to Monty, there is an unknown deranged assailant standing in his way who has pledged that no one can have Beth but himself.


About the Author

Dennis Doane has always loved horses. His first memory of riding a horse was when he was 5 years old when a neighbor let him ride his horse about 100 feet. When his venture was over he excitedly ran home and jumping up and down and told his parents he had just ridden Mr. Walbridge’s horse, all by himself. His mother said, “Dennis, what if you had fallen off?” In an excited voice he said, “Don’t worry mom, I held on to the clothespin.”


(2021, Paperback, 110 Pages)


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