In Pursuit of Meaning to Riddles

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In Pursuit of Meaning to Riddles

In Pursuit of Meaning to Riddles

By: Robert Mazibuko

About the Book

The writing of a story of one’s life may be regarded as being halfway between being objective and being subjective. But if the inner principle of one’s life is in contradiction to their outer behavior, one has to face difficult life patterns. Such patterns have a tendency of engendering dire consequences for the individual. However, if one takes life in hand and sincerely pursues a path of adhering to inner principle and belief, they can then easily answer: “This is what I attempted to do with all talents I had been granted to work with in my life.” This book pursues a path of accounting for behavior by relating that to the associated principle of life, and tracing such patterns in so far as they explain the inner principle or how far they deviate there from. It is brief but the idea is there.


(2019, Paperback, 472 Pages)


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