In Search of…Wisdom, the Principle Thing

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In Search of…Wisdom, the Principle Thing

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In Search of...Wisdom, the Principle Thing
by L.S. Pryor

When my father passed away in 1981 at age fifty-two, he left this world with a heart full of regrets for the many things he wanted to accomplish but never did. Burying him, I vowed that the most important gift I could give myself would be to live my life without regrets.

Sadly, through many twists and turns of life, that didnt happen as I hoped it would the day I made that vow to myself many years ago. This book is the result of all those years since and the valuable and precious lessons I have learned along the way. And the most valuable commodity, I discovered, is one thing many people lack but never realize until its too late: the one thing that doesnt cost money, doesnt cost us anything but desire to learn, and that is wisdom. Many times through the years, I have looked back and thought, If I only knew then what I know now. If thats you, you need to read this book. You need to understand what it is you lack and how to get it into your life before its too late and you die with regrets on your heart. Get wisdom, the principle thing.

I discovered a love for writing, in earnest, in 1992, after the birth of my second daughter, and spent long nights penning a story that swept my interest. Through the years, I continued to write both fiction and nonfiction, but it wasnt until, as a teacher in public and private schools, I encountered parents who came frequently to me for advice. It was through those years that the ideas for In Search of . . . were born. We can have lots of things in life, but if we lack wisdom, we lack more than we know.

Born and raised in California, I still reside there with my husband of twenty-three years and our two lovely daughters, now teenagers. I have graduated college, taught college, taught in public and private schools, and worked mostly in the field of medicine, and been in the Air Force, where I traveled to Japan. And my husband and I have run our own business for twelve years. I am actively interested in health concerns, education, traveling, and religious reform, of course, along with my pursuit of wisdom.

(2010, paperback, 356 pages)