In the Cool of the Day

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In the Cool of the Day

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In the Cool of the Day
by Neil Wilson

In the Cool of the Day centers on the Lords choice of Immanuel, God With Us, as one of his names when he came to live among us and die for us. Based on the conviction that the Bible is the actual Word of God written by men led by the Holy Spirit, the book looks first at the wonders and logical sequence of creation. Moving on through the disaster of Adams sin, the tragedy of the flood, and the new start in Noah, the book leads up to the call of Abram, his years of waiting for Gods promise, and at last the miraculous birth of Isaac. The reader sees how Abrahams faith that God could raise Isaac from the dead opened the way for God to send his own Son to die for us. The history of Abrahams descendants through good and bad times led to the conditions for Gods rescue plan to be put in motion. The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ each have chapters of their own, as do the gift of the Holy Spirit, the thousand year reign, and the final day toward which God was working from the beginning.

About the Author

For thirty years after a Damascus Road experience, Neil Wilson has combined working on developing large irrigated sugar estates in African countries with preaching the Word in more than three hundred small mud and thatch churches. Out of this combination of work that demands a very practical approach and preaching to villagers who have never read a book or seen a television, has grown an increasingly simple view of the Bible as the actual word of God and Jesus Christ as the answer to every need in life. Out of this came the theme of this book.

(2011, paperback, 178 pages)