In the Eye of the Hurricane Walter

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In the Eye of the Hurricane Walter

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In the Eye of the Hurricane Walter
by Vishal Shah

Alex Bank, a Wall Street sales employee, looks at the climates changing conditions and gets frustrated with what he learns. While his life seems to be getting worse, Alex contacts his college friend Kumar Jindal in India. The two are determined to fight to save earth. Alex quits his job and starts work at the Hurricane Watch center. Kumar works in Asia to install solar lamps in an effort to reduce CO2 levels. As a massive storm develops, the two friends work with the U.S. government to save millions of lives and the planet.

About the Author

Vishal Shah lives in New Jersey. He is an electronics engineering graduate from a prestigious university. Shah has been the CEO and president of a very successful software company since 2000. He took bold steps with outfitting talent in sophisticated software business models.

Shah realized that he had real interest in writing stories. He wrote short stories early on in his career, creating several fiction and non-fiction stories like Canal Street, Rig-Veda, and City Gang.

Shah is married to his lovely wife, Svati, and has two wonderful kids, Visv and Parsvi. He loves to spend time with his family, and he is from the Jain faith.

(2010, paperback, 116 pages)