In the Name of the Budget

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In the Name of the Budget
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In the Name of the Budget
by Paul Piche

The author, Paul M. Piche, has written this book about his attempt to recall Michigan's 47th Governor, Jennifer Granholm.

On June 5, 2009, Granholm announced she was closing 11 additional correctional prisons and minimum-security camps in addition to previous facility closures. The closures were the Governor's attempt to balance Michigan's budget.

After the Governor's announcement the author began to investigate what the Governor planned on doing with the prisoners housed in the closing facilities. Granholm and the Michigan Department of Corrections were going to parole over 7,000 prisoners.

This book covers the lies, manipulation and corruption of MDOC. This book covers the entire recall attempt and the hardship of starting a recall from scrap. This book covers the consequences of balancing a budget through closing prisons. The author holds Granholm responsible for her lack of public safety in the early release of extremely dangerous convicted felons in the name of a budget.

About the Author

Paul M. Piche is retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections as of May 1, 2011. He spent 25 years working behind the walls with some of the most violent prisoners Michigan has incarcerated. Twenty-one years was spent working maximum security at Marquette Branch Prison and Standish Maximum Facility. The author received several letters of commendation for incidents involving life saving, prisoner control and being an acting superiors. The author worked as a first line supervisor (Sergeant) for 13 years. The author has first-hand accounts of prisoner behavior, the most brutal, manipulative, and dangerous of all human beings.

The author enjoys deer hunting with a bow. He loves to ride his 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage. Paul and his wife, Shirley, winter in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)