In The Beginning: Young Blood

In The Beginning: Young Blood
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In The Beginning: “Young Blood!”
by Sandy Solomon Livingston

The author was first published at the age of seventeen, a celebrated work of art and poem called Shattered Dreams, in Helena, Arkansas. Later, this work was displayed at the governor’s mansion during former President Clinton’s tenure as Arkansas’ governor. Afterwards, the author went on to achieve various scholarships. He is a graduate of the Phoenix Institute of Technology (PIT) Graphic Arts, Arkansas State University, Studio Art, and working on his M.A. The author is in public and private collections, namely the African-American Museum of Dallas (Fair Park District).

When asked why do I write or artistically create, the answer is: Service, service, service! It is guided, however, by biblical authority (God’s glory), an unlimited light source. As I abide in it, using my gift, reason and purpose is fulfilled. In the Beginning: Young Blood shows reverence to the holy scriptures, particularly Moses. It also acknowledges the author’s artistic passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “Oh, how sin doesn’t just fall off like leaves on a tree!” We must put it away with the word of God (truth and grace). There is no greater love. Accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life today and forever. Be blessed and love one another.

This is about us—a spiritual family! The humor, tragedy, and survival we all endure is the whole human predicament. The overall experience is shared through stories and testimonies for growth and salvation. What a kinship. All for God’s glory. Enjoy!

About the Author

The author is from Marianna, Arkansas, but he currently resides in Southaven, MS. He is married and the proud father of three children: Sandronica, Sansaesha and Seth Livingston.

(2012, paperback, 58 pages)


In The Beginning: Young Blood (PDF ebook)
In The Beginning: Young Blood (PDF ebook)

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In The Beginning: Young Blood [Kindle Edition]
In The Beginning: Young Blood [ePub]
In The Beginning: Young Blood [ePub]

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