Indestructible Nation

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Indestructible Nation

Indestructible Nation

By: Joshua Bruening


About the Book

Indestructible Nation is a darkly satirical whirlwind through American corporate greed - including current oil/gasoline price gauging, banking fees, expensive life-saving drugs, and poorly built automobiles. It pokes fun at America’s sense of indestructibility. Albert lives the fast path to bankruptcy due to temporary employment and the corporations’ desires to suck him for the most money possible. Dealing with his dying stepfather and his depressed divorced mother, he and others must appreciate death and the crumbling world around them - 9/11, bridges collapsing, hurricanes - in order to appreciate life.


About the Author

Joshua Bruening is the author of “The Merry-Go-Round.” He won the Kaden Short Story contest at Concordia University in Saint Paul, Minnesota and currently resides in Houston, Texas.


(2020, Paperback, 300 Pages)


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