Infertility and Adoption: A Husband and Father's Perspective

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Infertility and Adoption: A Husband and Father's Perspective

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Infertility and Adoption: A Husband and Father's Perspective
by Roy Sokol

Roy Sokol offers men a chance to be heard and women a rare opportunity to view the struggle with infertility from a male perspective. Infertility and Adoption: A Husband and Fathers Perspective brings to life the frustration, anger, humor, heartbreak, and sense of helplessness and a mental philosophy learned in Marine Corps training that helps in overcoming the psychological barriers.

While miracles in technology have brought joy to new families, those very advances have placed many couples into a spiraling cycle of hope and heartbreak. One failed attempt may lead to another, but how do you give up when there is always another doctor, another procedure holding the possibility of your dream for a family?

Roy Sokol has captured the emotional turmoil he and his wife, Elizabeth, endured as they tried to conceive, the years their lives were put on hold, and the excruciating sense of loss and finally great happiness. He writes too of the couples journey through the bewildering world of adoptiona path to parenthood fraught with financial, legal, and emotional risks of its own.

About the Author

Roy Sokol is president of Roy Sokol Realty and Holdings, Roy Sokol Business Consulting, and Base Manager of Aircraft Maintenance for Mesaba Airlines in New York City. He currently resides with his wife and daughter in Yorktown Heights, NY. Mr. Sokol is available for seminars and speaking engagements. Please visit

(2011, paperback, 48 pages)