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by Mark Hasse

This story is about our hero, Nicholas, and his tales of woe when working with dragons. A promise made is a promise to be kept and in the end, your word truly is your bond.

Rogue scientists work to make a name for themselves by experimenting with DNA. Finally, they have a breakthrough and create not one, but three successful animations. What good can possibly come from this? Retribution surely must be at hand.

About the Author

Mark Hasse is a father and veteran who spends his time running a small business and writing. In his spare time, you can find him working on his 67 Plymouth Barracuda known as The Dragon Slayer. Since the publication of his first book, His Name Is Czar, he has kept on the move. The dragons arent happy with stories about their existence. Their main lead has been narrowed to RoseDog Books. Its only a matter of time.

(2012, paperback, 270 pages)