Inner Journey: A Window Into Spirituality

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Inner Journey: A Window Into Spirituality
by Fr. Mark Escobar. C.S. In an attempt to explore the implications of being on a journey, particularly in the religious life, this book relates the spiritual wealth shared with concrete ways and depth in many settings. This reflects attention to some concerns and issues drawn from lived experiences of the author. To name a few: his religious vocation, his cultural contexts in conversation with diverse audiences, particularly in his priestly ministry; his poetry, and his sense of mission, along with nurturing dynamic contexts for missionary growth, enable him to articulate in writing the spirituality within and beyond his Asian background. With demonstrated commitment to his vocation, the author weaves together his reflections, insights, and creative imagination. His autobiographical recounts embedded within the story of a missionary, generate a kind of lifesimple and focusedthat brings about transformation. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Fr. Mark Escobar, C.S., is a member of the Missionaries of Saint Charles, known as Scalabrinians. He was ordained a priest in 1995 and is currently working at Saint Charles Mission Center in Staten Island, New York. (2006, paperback, 156 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.