Inspirational Rainbows: Biblical Insights Simplified

Inspirational Rainbows: Biblical Insights Simplified
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8651-8

by Beulah Williams

Inspirational Rainbows
is a true account of the spiritual walk and knowledge of a woman coming from a moderate-income family in the 1940s until the present.

Her life went from that comfort zone to living in the projects of Philadelphia, and she found herself on welfare and food stamps, struggling to survive with her six children. It was a long, hard fight, but the values instilled in her by her parents gave her the courage and strength to improve this situation.

The story is told of her from the age of five and how her relationship with God enhanced her life. The miracle of being delivered from cancer without chemotherapy was supernatural. It is a remarkable journey of faith and what can happen to someone in life even if you are a Christian.

This book includes inspirational sermons, prayers, and poems written by the author, and they can reach the innermost awareness of your being and embrace you with love. It is a true heart-wrenching account of one women who has touched many lives by allowing a tiny seed planted in her at age five in order to bring forth fruit.


Beulah Williams was licensed and received advance training in Biblical studies. This includes experiencing opportunities to exercise her gift of speaking and teaching on many different occasions. She has exhibited faithful service in many capacities, and has been considered for inclusion into the Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women, “Honors Edition” of the Registry.

Throughout this book, you will get to know her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and her experiences in life as well as her gifts.

Beulah currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, James Williams. She retired from retail management and was honored with certificates and awards from her company for her service.

A former choir director, baptismal counselor, Sunday school teacher, evangelist, and intercessor, she has dedicated her life to ecclesiastic services.

(2008, paperback, 162 pages)

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Inspirational Rainbows: Biblical Insights Simplified [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8651-8 [E-book]

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