Inside Hollis House

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Inside Hollis House
by Betty Hamby Irene Hollis is in her mid-thirties, widowed, and with a small son to raise. Her fear and uncertainty of her future security prompts her to make the decision to open her large Victorian home to boarders. Taking place in a small Tennessee town around the turn of the twentieth century, Inside Hollis House tells the story not only of Irene Hollis, but of the array of diversely interesting people who come to live at Hollis Housethe day-to-day activities, joys, sorrows, and adventures of strangers whose lives are forever changed by their friendship, as they ultimately forge relationships strong enough to last a lifetime. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: An avid history buff who especially enjoys historical homes and buildings, Betty Hamby was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. A homemaker and former substitute teacher, she is the mother of a grown daughter and the grandmother of a teenager. Betty Hamby has been involved in a number of volunteer projects over the years and especially enjoys working with children. She currently writes from her home in Greenbriar, Tennessee, a small, quiet agricultural community just north of Nashville, where she and her husband moved five years ago. (2004, paperback, 432 pages)