Inside My Bipolar Mind

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Inside My Bipolar Mind

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Inside My Bipolar Mind
by Candida Clower

Inside My Bipolar Mind provides insight into my life on a roller coaster of life's hurling ups and downs. It takes you through an emotional and touching true story, detailing what someone with bipolar disorder deals with and experiences.

Society labels us (the bipolar) as something bad. Yes, we do make mistakes, but who doesn't? Life is not perfect, by any means. But I am living proof that there is hope at the end of the darkened tunnel. Don't give up and keep your head held high. Things do turn around. You just have to let them and accept when they do.

About the Author

I'd like to give a special thanks to my entire family: my parents, "Ankie" and Myrtle Clower; my siblings, Adam and Heather; my nieces, Lymebrietta, Raven, and Alexis; my nephew, Christopher; my son, Shelton; daughters, Hailei and Jessica; and my wonderful husband, Danny. Without all of you, I would not be who and where I am today. Thank you all for never giving up on me!

In loving memory of my daddy!

Family is important!

(2011, paperback, 68 pages)