Inside Out, the OutSide Don't Count, God Look at the Heart - eBook

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Inside Out, the Outside Don’t Count, God Look at the Heart
by Paul Stanley Erby

Inside Out, the OutSide Don’t Count, God Look at the Heart, begins in McGee, Arkansas, where there aren’t many industries, restaurants, or opportunities for young people. There’s nothing but cotton and soy bean fields. However, one boy named Paul became tired of slopping the hog and feeding the chickens. His older brother lives in L.A., where he is a big shot in the L.A.P.D. Paul decides to go after his dream there and leave the small town behind.

In this novel, you will find love romance drama, suspense, thrills, action and success.

About the Author:

Author Paul Stanley Erby grew up in Blackwell, Arkansas. He attended Morrilton High School, home of the Morrilton Devil Dog. Now living in Conway, Arkansas, he is married and has three children. Fishing, hunting, and watching the Arkansas Razorback Basketball and Football games are just a few of his hobbies. Erby is a Pastor of Pilgrim Rest #2 Baptist church in Atkins, Arkansas. This is his third book; the first two are A Black Man’s Revenge and Bad Judgment.

(2017, eBook)