Inspirational Poems for Everyday Living

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Inspirational Poems for Everyday Living
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Inspirational Poems for Everyday Living
by Mother Patricia Johnson

Heres a collection of prose poems that are almost like miniature psalms in modern dress. In just a few carefully selected lines, Patricia Johnson thanks and praises the Lord, and calls to the reader to share the love, the warmth, the security that living with the Lord in your heart can bring.

About the Author

Mother Patricia Johnson is a native of Los Angeles, California. She was brought up in a Christian family always staying close by her grandmother, her source of guidance and inspiration. Because of choices made in her life, starting at the age of 15, Johnson has been molded into the caring person she is today.

At 15 she was a rebellious child. By 17 she found herself with a child and in an abusive marriage. At the age of 21, she became a widow, her husband having died from a drug overdose. After marrying her second husband and reaching the age of 35, she again found herself widowed; her second husband was killed in a car accident in 1976.

Johnson raised 6 children practically alone. She presently has a total of 39 wonderful grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Even through the ups and downs from good and bad decisions and life experiences, God has elevated her to a new ministry. When Johnson was 58, God called her to the ministry of foster parenting. She opened her home and her heart to children who needed a home and love. Now, at the age of 70, she has adopted two sons, age 12 (who has been with her since birth) and age 8 (who has been with her since the age of 2). She has legal guardianship of a third (son), now age 9, who has been with her since the age of 6. Her boys are all special needs children because of drug-addicted mothers.

Johnson states, It has truly been a blessing watching them grow into the men of God they will one day become. Isnt it amazing how God will give you a task you thought you would never do, touch your heart, bring so much joy into your life, you cant image doing anything else. All of the love and grace God extended to me, I now lovingly give to others.

(2012, paperback, 60 pages)