Inspirational Poetry

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Inspirational Poetry
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Inspirational Poetry
by Ricardo Bradford

Author Ricardo Bradford shares 15 timeless inspirational poems that were written between 1986 and today. The poems were written to inspire you as you read his testimony in the poems he wrote. Ricardo dedicates his works to his parents Andrew J., Mamie E. Bradford and his eleven sisters and brothers. This book is for you and may God bless you all.

About the Author

Author Ricardo Bradford has had a life-long struggle with his identity. He was born in December 1952. As a young man he was given instructions by his now deceased mother: whenever you face difficulty, always seek help. In 1978 he sought counseling. Facing many challenges, he was given insight into the complexities relating to the human mind and behavior.

Holding on to his faith and accepting this treatment, Ricardo was diagnosed in 1984 with Bipolar Disorder. He read about it and found that he would experience a condition characterized by low, depressed moods, and high, manic, moods.

Ricardo shares his story because he knows he is not alone in his struggles. Now, Ricardo is sixty years of age and glad to inform you that, with years of ongoing therapy, not only has his diagnosis been stabilized but he is also drug free.

(2012, paperback, 34 pages)