Inspirations to See You Through - eBook

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Inspirations to See You Through - eBook

Inspirations to See You Through
by Beverly T.

Inspirations to See You Through contains a unique style of poetry that will touch you to your very core. If you give Beverly T. at least four words, one half hour, and any scenario, she will turn it into a precise poem. If the author can make you feel better when you read her poetry, then it is therapy for her, too. One day she hopes to get a phone line so that she can just read her poetry to people every day.

Beverly’s favorite quote is: “your mind is just like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless you open it up!” She would like to thank all her readers and supporters; she knows you will enjoy the book!

About the Author:

Beverly T. grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. She was quiet, but outspoken at the same time. Beverly’s family has a strong background rooted in the Church of God in Christ, where she attended and served for several years.

Beverly never planned or dreamed to be an author. When asked in the fifth grade, “what would she be?” Beverly stated, “I could be a news reporter.” Beverly battled and overcame several childhood illnesses; and in 2003 suffered from cardiac arrest she wasn’t supposed to recover from. Her doctor said that he never saw any fight to live like she had. After high school, Beverly served honorably for thirteen years on the Massachusetts Army National Guard and she also has a medical transcriptionist certificate. Beverly also served for eight honorable years with the Department of Homeland Security, where she was with the first twelve to start at a small airport in Massachusetts as a transportation security officer.

Now Beverly still lives in Massachusetts, where she is laid back and enjoys spending time with her family; her new first granddaughter; and her cat, Ginger.

(2017, eBook)