It Takes a Valium

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It Takes a Valium

It Takes a Valium

By: Robert J. Bales, Jr. 

About the Book

It Takes a Valium is an autobiographical sketch of Robert J. Bales Jr.’s life as it brushes against the family of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


About the Author

The Author is a Disabled Veteran; a Master-Solver-Composer in Chess, and an over-the-board player at the St. Charles Chess Club in St. Charles Illinois (winning 2 Squires Trophies in the last 3 years). He has had over 200 chess problems published in various magazines.

He has a BA in Sociology degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago and further courses of study at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois.

He has written over 250 song lyrics; 70 have been put to music. “Flying Information” was played over the radio in Australia.

Other books to his credit are: “Thorns and Roses”; “Negative Thought for Social Change” and “One”.

He now takes up residence in either Illinois or Wisconsin.


(2019, Paperback, 52 pages)