It Was "I" Who Painted the Picture

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It Was "I" Who Painted the Picture
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It Was "I" Who Painted the Picture
by Termica Shontel Harris and Harmon Montgomery

As one believes that their life will never change, rest assured God is so powerful that He will lift His people into the promise land. For I have seen the road of sorrow. For I have seen the road of total self-destruction. Yet beyond it all I still remain standing. How gracious is our Father in Heaven to en-root such gifts that we have awesomely carried all along. Reach high, my people, to receive the best out of your lives.

About the Author

Termica Shontel Harris remains on fire for Gods anointing word. Her first book, It Was Only For A Moment: Poems to Inspire the Mind, set the stage of a new era in her life. She now introduces It Was I Who Painted the Picture to promote the message of Gods Holy word.

As an educator, she has a diploma in child development and related care, a bachelors degree in management, and two masters degrees: one in human resource management and the other in the foundation of education.

Writing is my life; without it, I wouldnt be me, she states most profoundly.

Her three sonsKeon Harris, Ikeem Harris, and Jakalob Collinsare her smiles of sunshine. She strives to guide and mold them into worthy men who will grab hold of the power of Gods destiny upon their very lives.

(2012, paperback, 134 pages)