It’s a Boy

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It’s a Boy

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Its a Boy
by B J Denner

This story is based on one mans journey reflecting the first 25 years of life men can experience. It tackles male issues including the insecurities of male sexuality and the ability or inability to meet the demands of women.

Females have a significant influence on males and their manhood, their mother, the first girlfriend, lovers, co-workers, teachers and other significant women in their life. Other males notably fathers as well influence the journey as does the effect of war service on men.

Men come in all shapes and sizes. Men have different needs, at different times in their life. Men can have ordinary or extraordinary lives yet are still just simply blokes with one distinguishing common trait, a dick (penis).

About the Author

B J Denner is a Health Educator and the founder of Centre for Advancement of Mens Health renowned for the Man Model of Health Promotion that has attracted thousands of men to participate in learning about their health and wellbeing. His work has taken him to Canada, America and remote rural areas of Australia. The author is a Vietnam Veteran and divorced father of 2 adult daughters. This is the first in the trilogy of what makes a man, based on his compelling life journey, the first 25years. His work and research in mens health education over fifteen years can be viewed on

(2009, paperback, 172 pages)