It Really Happened

It Really Happened
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It Really Happened
by Vera L. Cody

In It Really Happened the author shares the story of her life and the miracles she received from God.

Vera L. Codyís life is a testament that miracles do happen and that they can really change lives. God has intervened in her life since she was three-years-old, the time when He saved her from death. Cody was raised by parents who taught her to be God-fearing. She grew up with a strong faith in God.

Over the years Cody realized how blessed she is for Godís miraculous hands always reached for her and protected her from whenever lifeís adversities burdened her. In this book she recounts the times when miracles took place in her life and changed its course for the better.

It Really Happened might appeal to readers interested in stories about miraculous events in life.

About the Author

The author is Vera L. Cody. She does not posses the standard educational credentials, such as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or even a Masterís Degree. She received her B.A. (Born Again) Degree from Our Savior in Heaven. She holds an A.W.H.S. (Kind and Gentle Spirit). No matter what her education experience, her desire is to share her testimonies. She knows that only what is done for Christ will last.

The author believes she is nobody special to anyone but God and her loving husband, Tommy.

Cody thanks God for being a healer, a forgiver, and a deliverer. He made her free in His Son Jesusí Name.

(2013, paperback, 48 pages)


It Really Happened (eBook)
It Really Happened (eBook)

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