It's a Heart Matter - eBook

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It's a Heart Matter - eBook

It’s a Heart Matter

By: Flo Young

About the Book

Author Flo Young has always had a desire to encourage others through her inspired words and deeds. Poetry is her outlet when life gets too tough to handle by ordinary means; it was discovered at one of the lowest points in her life. She started her journey with God at an early age. She found that He was the only real assurance she could depend upon in every facet of her life.

Whether it’s a broken heart that needs to be mended or a death of a loved one that perhaps was caught by surprise, God uses Young as His vessel to minister a portion of Him. It’s a Heart Matter was written as a token of her faith and appreciation of God’s hand upon her life. Often without searching, His spirit comes upon her. His word is so powerful that she has to jot it down at that moment because it is so profound!

The poems that are written come by way of that spirit straight through her heart. As the spirit of anointing is poured out upon her, the weight is so heavy that she has to find an escape just to be able to breathe!

About the Author

Flo Young has had bumps and bruises for as long as she can remember; however, through life’s hardships and disappointments, God has been that consistent source that keeps her ship afloat. She arrives on scene from very humble beginnings, growing up on a farm in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, with ten other siblings. When she was about to give up the fight at thirteen, God showed her life was worth living as long as she walked in His light. She grew up learning to deal with many challenges; married at 18 to her high school sweetheart only to be cheated by death’s grasping hands ten years later. However, out of that union were born three beautiful children, in the spitting image of their father.

Five years later, Young married again to whom she thought was Mr. Right, who turned out to be very wrong. Young dealt with his lies, deceit, drugs and alcohol abuse that almost cost her life. God had always been the ultimate source who taught her through His spirit to press on in spite of how things looked. Therefore, through the Holy Spirit’s constant nurturing, she was called upon to write poetry that brought relief. This book is a brief synopsis of the resulting experiences that has comforted her throughout her journey.


(2017, eBook)