It's Grow Time! - eBook

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It's Grow Time! - eBook

Its Grow Time!

By: Mary A. Behrendt              

About the Book

Have you ever planted some seeds, watched them start to grow, and thought now what do I do? Or, have you planted some seeds, they sprouted, and two days later they were dead? Some of you are reading this right now are nodding your head yes and thinking out loud, “what the heck happened?” You stick some seeds in the dirt and they grow, how hard can that be? That’s what the directions on the seed packet said to do. You did read the directions, right?

                It’s Grow Time! is the step-by-step book for you. It takes you from seed sprouting to planting outdoors without the information overload that makes you throw your hands up and walk away. You must learn to walk before you run, this is no different. If you can get past the two-day dead thing, you’ll be planting at least one flower or vegetable plant outdoors this summer. Being able to say “I grew that” is pretty sweet!


About the Author

Mary A. Behrendt comes from a farming family. Her mother grew up working on a farm in Michigan and her father grew up gardening his whole life in Indiana. Both sides of the family have been growing food and flowers – a tradition passed down from generations. Living in the Midwest, with not the best soil or climate to work with at times, has proved to be a challenge. With over fifty years of experience and extensive reading and learning, Mary has helped family, friends, and neighbors plant successful vegetable gardens and beautify their landscaping. Let her experience and know-how get you started on a new journey where the possibilities of a hobby can turn to a passion and where getting dirty is allowed.


(2018, eBook)