It's the Hormones Working Young People

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It's the Hormones Working Young People

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It's the Hormones Working Young People
by Quinn D. Berger

The book is about self-esteem for adolescents and young adults, teaching them to keep authority and control over their rights to oneself without being intimidated to have intercourse when the reproduction hormones are in effect.

Dating doesnt give privileges to have and to hold. The book also has advice for school-girls who want babies before graduation. Education is a factor; drop-outs, drug users, and those with low self-esteem are encouraged to join a rehab or a learning center, whatever the need may be.

The purpose for writing this book is because most young adults need guidance and directions. The author believes the book can help direct them to have a better understanding to make right decisions to keep themselves from a life of mistakes.

She obtained knowledge through time by: self experiences, other people, observations, and religious beliefs.

About the Author

Shes a retired nurses aide born to a coal miner William H. Berger and Willie M. Berger in Omar, West Virginia. She earned a GED diploma, studied music in New York, and writes manuscripts. Shes a conservative church-goer of the Apostolic Faith and a registered Democrat, but has voted Republican.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)