It's Your Destiny Desiree: Part 1, Desiree - eBook

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It's Your Destiny Desiree: Part 1, Desiree - eBook

It's Your Destiny Desiree: Part 1, Desiree

By: Sherry Myrick


About the Book

It is 1875 and Desiree Browne Porter lives in Texas with her four sons. Desiree has the love and support from her father and brothers who live on a nearby tobacco plantation. With her mother’s encouraging last words, Desiree begins a journey to end her marriage with her estranged husband, Brock Porter. She begins her new life with a new love in Doctor Jock Quinn, a new local doctor who has come from New Orleans to practice in Texas. An inspirational novel of spirit and emotion blended with historical fact, It's Your Destiny Desiree is sure to uplift any reader.


About the Authors

Sherry Myrick was born and raised in Russellville, Alabama and currently resides in the small town of Tharptown outside of Russellville. Her son, Jonathan Myrick, is also from Russellville, and together they have developed their stories into a novel. Desiree was inspired by a song written by Sherry and Jess Myrick.


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