Jackass: The Winton Series

Jackass: The Winton Series
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Jackass: The Winton Series
by Zoe Books

Andie is a twenty-year-old woman working to become a professional photographer. She goes to her hometown with her good friend, Jessica, hoping to outrun her past and emotions. She meets the town ďbad boyĒ and gets swept away on an emotionally and sexually charged self-discovering journey.

Will she let herself open up to the only man who has ever seen her completely or will she let her past and fears destroy the best thing that she has ever had?

About the Author: ZoŽ Books is a young woman, barely in her twenties. She sat down in front of a computer one afternoon and decided that she wanted to give writing a try. The book in your hands is what came out of that decision.

ZoŽ works as a fulltime electrician when she isnít writing. She enjoys drawing, crabbing Ė but not fishing Ė boating and taking care of her three youngest siblings.

ZoŽ has the help of her identical twin to read over and help with everything that she does. They are one of those twins who never fight but in jest, and when they do, itís forgotten completely five minutes later.

ZoŽ chose the setting of Winton for her first book because it was a place that she knew very well in her mind (please note that not all the places are actually real). She takes different elements from her own life and uses that as material for her books, while adding in fictional elements to keep it interesting.

Jackass (The Winton Series) is a book about young people opening up and falling in love, even after they have been hurt and no longer want to trust themselves. Itís a fun and canít-put-down book that ZoŽ hopes will have you saying ďthat was a great bookĒ at least a few times. Hope you enjoy!!!

(2015, Paperback, 124 pages)


Jackass [E-BOOK]
Jackass [E-BOOK]

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