Jewish Holiday Adventures

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Jewish Holiday Adventures

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Jewish Holiday Adventures
by Ethel Stein with Illustrations by Donna M. Kaye

This is a book of stories about the adventures of children involved in the celebration of the Jewish holidays. The stories include humorous episodes and incidents that take place in unusual settings such as the New York subway, an Amtrak station, and a mysterious sukkah.

Each holiday is represented, and each story is illustrated. Three stories involve Hanukkah adventures. In a Passover story, the heroine has a fifth question she wants answered. Before Shevuoth the main character is anxious to join in the festivities of his sisters confirmation but may have to tend to a sick aunt. The spirit of Rosh Hashanah is celebrated in a poem, while the ceremony of Tashlich is explained after two boys are caught up in a risky escapade. The Succoth story is a mystery with humorous overtones.

This book could be supplemental material for teachers or for parents who want to emphasize cultural diversity or for young people who want to learn more about their friends from different cultures.

About the Author

The author, Ethel Stein, is a former public school teacher. She taught for over twenty-five years in both the elementary and middle schools in Passaic and Clifton, New Jersey. Ms. Stein also taught Sunday school at her synagogue and has led junior congregations on special holidays.

Ms. Stein has written stories for childrens magazines, articles for travel magazines, and periodicals for senior citizens.

The author is mother of three children (who often appear as characters in her stories) and grandmother of four boys. The illustrator of this book, Donna Kaye, is the authors daughter.

(2010, paperback, 52 pages)