Jib, The Sea Dog

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Jib, The Sea Dog
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Jib, The Sea Dog
by Kim Veilleux

Jib, The Sea Dog is the delightful true tale of a dog who is introduced to a family hobby of boating. Jib has been hand selected from a litter of border collie dogs in hope that he will enjoy sailing with the family. However, some problems arise within the family that lead to some tough decisions concerning their hobby. The story demonstrates the sacrifices made by people for their pets that they love so dearly. Come meet the familys first pet and experience the adventures of owning dogs.

About the Author

Kim Veilleux and her sister, Susan Scott, have joined together once again to tell the true story of yet another family dog, Jib, and the quirky adventures of pet ownership. The sisters grew up in rural Maine on a farm with many pets. They continue to share their love of dogs with each owning one and writing and illustrating dog tales. Their first published book, Wheres Duke?, brought you along on the neighborhood search for the lost family dog. This book goes back in time to the familys first dog, Jib, and examines the integration of pets with their unique personalities and qualities into a family with a young child and their usual activities.

Kim is once again the designated storyteller, and Susan is the illustrator for their second joint effort at describing their lives with dogs in the story Jib, The Sea Dog.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)