Jimmy Thomas: Don't Back Down

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Jimmy Thomas: Don't Back Down

Jimmy Thomas: Don’t Back Down

By: T. Allen Cook


About the Book

Jimmy Thomas is in a tough spot and there's no way around it but to fight his way out. He's 13 years old, new to gritty Grand Rapids, and struggling with his parents’ separation. Jimmy's handling a large paper route, determined to buy his dream motor scooter, and hacking off the baddest gang bangers in the city.

When the gang raises the stakes, Jimmy is forced to up the ante. With his new friend Marshall giving him a hand with the route, he shows the gangsters what he's made of. With martial arts training from his father, the support of his family, and his superb fighting skills, Jimmy is out to attain what any 13 year old would be proud of- make enough money to help his single mom get by, keep the bad guys off his back, and get his dream motor scooter. Jimmy Thomas won't back down.


About the Author

T. Allen Cook lives in northwest Indiana. Jimmy Thomas- Don't Back Down is his first book and is based on his experiences as a kid growing up in Grand Rapids and Jackson, Michigan. Mr. Cook is an avid camper, tennis player, and fisherman. He, and his wife have two children and three grand kids. He is currently working on the second exciting Jimmy book.


(2019, Paperback, 90 Pages)


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