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by Frances E. Castellano

We live in an exciting, high-speed, technological age, so sometimes we need to pause, reflect, or simply read a story. Joey is a simple story and in all fairness should not be easily dismissed. It is a children's story, but there are no age barriers.

Joey and his young master have a unique relationship, which is known only to the both of them. They share a secret, and as with all secrets, it can sometimes be burdensome. That does not stop them from enjoying happy outdoor activities in a small-town setting, where life is easygoing and relaxed. Raking leaves, snowball fights, and just plain daydreaming are what most children have been enjoying doing since time began. But then, life being what it is, young Joey's master is presented with right or wrong choices and what he needs to do to make things right.

When adults read Joey, it could bring to mind bittersweet memories of a carefree childhood or perhaps serious challenges they had to face in their lifetime. This author feels that we can all learn from reading Joey and pause and reflect. One thing is certain. By the time you have finished the end of the story, Joey will leave paw prints on your heart.

About the Author

Frances E. Castellano lives in New York with her husband, Arthur. They have been married 48 years and have two children and two grandchildren. Frances graduated from the Long Island College Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn, New York, in 1956. She enjoys gardening and reading and is currently working on another story.

(2011, paperback, 52 pages)