The Journal Flies Overboard

The Journal Flies Overboard
Item# ISBN: 978-1-4349-9276-5

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The Journal Flies Overboard
by Joan Ruth

The Journal Flies Overboard is a compelling group of poems with a huge variety of emotions and flavors. Philosophical themes of personal faith are minutely explored with wit and thoughtfulness. Add to this the author’s humorous and mood-tinted reflections on travel experiences and the seasons, and the book yields a powerful combination of sensation and language.

Joan Ruth’s rhythmic and descriptive style will grab your heart and mind. Her phrases will stick with you as the journey of your own life unfolds. The reader will enjoy these unique poems as a new voice enters the world of modern poetry. You will be left craving more of Joan Ruth’s delicious words!

About the Author

Joan Ruth was born in Bristol, England, in 1963. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where her parents still live. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her son, husband and dog (a boxer-beagle mix). A child of the seventies, much of her ironic view of life she attributes to “tagging along” behind the huge group of baby boomers who surrounded her in schools and careers throughout life.

She graduated in 1984 from Indiana University with a B.S. in public administration. After moving to Florida in 1985, she eventually became involved in the Lutheran church, which provided a haven of faith to sustain her through a divorce and two major cancer-related surgeries. To those fellow post-baby boomers, her voice will sound familiar yet fresh.

Joan has worked in the urban planning field for fifteen years and is currently employed as an office manager in a private investment company.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


The Journal Flies Overboard (e-book)
The Journal Flies Overboard (e-book)

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ISBN: 978-1-4349-9276-5 (e-book)

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