Johnny Normal: Confessions of a Maniac

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9050-8
Johnny Normal: Confessions of a Maniac
by Brandon Purdum Confessions of a Maniac is a fascinating look into the world of the dull, displaying what may often occur in the mind of a man continually frustrated by his own surroundings and the inability to change them. This novel features a collection of short journal entries, created to serve no other purpose than to satisfy the authors own self-inflated ego, if only by proving to himself that he is, as he foolishly believes, a good writer. Amid the rambling and raving arrives one Johnny Normal, a character unto himself who has yet to find a winning campaign. As both politician and lawyer, Johnny struggles for respect in a world where none exists. He soon discovers, however, that a soul is unnecessary for entry into the machine. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Brandon Purdum is a recent journalism graduate of Colorado State University, and he is currently pursing a career in the newspaper field. Purdum is from Arvada, CO, the place where dreams are made and quickly broken. Purdum is 25 years old, has lived in Fort Collins for nearly 6 years, and he is currently earning a living as a night stocker at a local grocery store. He dreams of one day retiring to Alaska, buying a boat, and fishing out the rest of his days. (2006, paperback, 66 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.