Journey of an Enlightened Mind - eBook

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Journey of an Enlightened Mind - eBook

Journey Of an Enlightened Mind

By: Page 32

About the Book

Where do we go from here? When our conscience has left the physical realm and ventured to the stars. Robert Haskins asks the same question. Watching the stars blow by in a blur, perfectly in focus. Moving forward, always forward. No stops on this train, one stop, one end. A light, shimmering, unmoving. Will he understand what it was all about? Or will he forget everything he once knew? Out of life, out of mind. As he travels through his Journey Of an Enlightened Mind.


About the Author

 Page 32 is just that, a page, one in one hundred and eighty-three. Just a hand written on a rock, on a post, on a tree. There is nothing special about this rock, about this page, about this man, about you. The only difference is that he is here, living between the pages and you are there reading this back cover. You, looking to be cured of your boredom. You, craving your next big adventure. You are nothing, as is he. Together, solving the greatest mystery that has never been solved. The mystery of us.


(2017, Paperback, 196 pages)