Journey to Lunula: The Lake's Secret Portal

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Journey to Lunula: The Lake's Secret Portal
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Journey to Lunula: The Lake's Secret Portal by Tracy Powell
Charlie Wise is a twelve year old tom boy whose main purpose in life is to fit in. Always striving to conceal her true identity, she is at a constant struggle to achieve popularity. School bullies aggravate her miserable existence, somewhat mirroring her home life. The occasions that she spends with her grandfather are her only source of salvation. However, this relationship is put into jeopardy as Charlies dysfunctional family is pulled through a portal and flung into life-threatening situations.

A family picnic marks the beginning of Charlies journey to find herself. Through danger and discovery Charlie and her family seek a way home. This leads to an unexpected revelation...the answer to an old family secret.
About the Author

Born in 1966, Tracy Powell grew up in England and at the age of 39, immigrated to Australia. Here, Tracy studied a Diploma in Counselling, an Advanced Major in abuse counselling and an Advanced Major in Child Development & Effective Parenting. Tracys main ambition in life is to provide helpful and practical guidance to children and adolescents that have experienced adversity, and to help all children understand that society can portray unrealistic ethics. She has volunteered her time towards mentoring pregnant school girls, and cared for their babies so the mothers can study and continue their education. Tracy would like to see judgemental attitudes removed from the playground, but realises that for this to happen, parental influences and peer pressure have to be addressed first.

Tracy wrote Journey to Lunula to try to help children see that being unique is something to be proud of and those children should strive for personal achievement. Unlike the character Charlie, every child should feel accepted.

(2013, Paperback, 126 pages)